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Tips, links and information on finance products for business

NAB.jpgNational Australia Bank Microenterprise Loans. 

If you have been in business for six months and business could use a boost, the NAB's Microenterprise Boost Loan could be for you. Terms and conditions apply, so for further information click, call or visit your local BEC.

Find a Loan

This website, developed by Business Victoria will allow you to enter the amount you you, the terms of the loan you require and will assist you in finding possible lenders. Don't forget to contact your local BEC if you need assistance with a business plan to take to the bank. Click Here to try Find a Loan.


Business Bank Accounts

When looking at a business bank account, you really have to take a number of things into consideration:

  • How many transactions (deposits and withdrawals) will you make per month?
  • Do you need a cheque facility? Credit or debit card?
  • Do you want people to be able to pay directly into your account?
  • How much money on average do you expect to have in the account - and how can this earn you the most amount of interest possible?

There's a lot to think about. This infochoice website will let you compare accounts from a number of financial institutions. Click here to see the infochoice website.