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PO Box 231
Oakey 4401
Queensland  Australia
Tel 1300 363551
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BEC Services & Products

Business Enterprise Centres throughout Australia are able to offer businesses a range of services and assistance.

Whether you are starting up a new business or wanting to improve your existing business, your local BEC office can provide the support and help you require.

Select one of the links below for more information on services your local BEC can offer.


Services offered by many BECs

An example of how your local BEC can assist your business

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How can BEC Australia assist you?

BEC Australia is pleased to offer a number of books to assist you in your business endeavour.

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We also recognize that computer skills are an essential component of business. To assist you and your staff in improving your skills and efficiency, BEC Australia is pleased to offer the BECA LearnKey Advantage for the Microsoft suite of office applications. You can complete the sessions in your own time and at your own pace – click here for further information