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Partnership to benefit our members and their clients...

BEC Australia plays a key role in profiling and marketing the network’s capabilities nationally. The focus is to advocate and facilitate understanding and support for the significant work that is done by BECs within the micro and small business sectors and their communities as a whole. A high profile also allows BEC Australia’s partners and sponsors to tap into a wider audience.

A conservative estimate sees BEC Australia network having contact with one million people in small and micro business over a year. Approximately half of these would be regular clients.

Creating and sustaining an integrated BEC network is a pivotal objective for BEC Australia. It enables the Association to offer a number of advantages to business and government stakeholders requiring a national organization with a cohesive infrastructure, critical mass and leverage in the micro and small business arena.

When using BEC Australia, intending and current partners and sponsors benefit from:

  • It’s significant ‘reach’
  • It’s ability to act strategically and deal with the political fabric
  • It’s effective and efficient infrastructure
  • It’s database and proactive role in sustaining the micro and small business sector through timely research, advice, counseling, mentoring, customized services and products
  • It’s access through affiliations to a wide range of business professionals, trainers and presenters.

If you wish to find out more about forming an alliance partnership with BEC Australia, please email us.

To find out more about strategic alliances already in place and how you can benefit, click here.