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We are an organisation that provides information about starting, running, managing, and any other thing that is related to business. For those that are looking to start a business in Australia, it is necessary to be familiar with all the information primarily related to registration, reporting taxes, and all. At BECA, we provide all the details you need to start a business. Information is provided in the most straightforward format and without all the unnecessary financial and technical jargon involved. We believe that having this information beforehand will guide your decision making and ensure that you start your business on the right footing. BECA is a non-profit organisation that is committed to providing support for businesses in Australia.
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Starting a business
A business, no matter how big or small, starts with registration. It is essential to understand the terms used when registering a business as it may determine the operations of the business.
Running a business
If registering and starting a business is difficult, you only have to wait till you start running the business. Managing a business can be very complicated with different rules to follow, and you will need an expert to guide you on this.
Selling your business
There are many reasons for wanting to sell a business, but the reasons don't matter as much as the process. You need to know what you are doing, the rules to follow when dealing with the buyer and the after-sale obligations.
Employing People
There are employment laws guiding how a business employs staff. These laws can be federal laws as well as state laws.
Business Valuation
Business valuation has to do with you determining what your business is worth. There are many reasons for doing this. It could be that you want to sell your business, or you may want to take a loan that requires the lender knowing the value of your business. Whatever reason you may have, there is a way to do it.
This is what happens when the business is not your original idea but rather an extension of a major brand based on an agreement between both parties. Franchising has its own peculiar rules.
Trademark Protection
Trademark refers to marks that are unique to the product. It is a way of identifying a product and distinguishing it from other competitors of the product. It can be a letter, number, sound, smell, logo, phrase, picture, packaging, movement, or a combination of many of these elements. The trademark must be unique, and it is not the same thing as a domain name, company name, or business name. You have to determine if the trademark qualifies. Once you get a trademark, you must make sure you use it constantly for it to be valid. Failure to use your trademark for a period of up to three years may lead to its removal for non-use.
Domain Name
This is your unique internet address that lets people enter websites. It is unique, and the .au Domain Administration registers, administers, and regulates websites ending with .au. Any domain name you are using must be available, and your business must meet all the eligibility criteria.

Aus Gov Grants

The government offers some incentives for local business as a way to stimulate the economy. Knowing about them will help you know if you are eligible and take advantage of the opportunity

Intellectual Property

If your business is one based on ideas and innovations, intellectual properties are something you should be familiar with. There are laws in place.


There are always questions about businesses and all that has to do with it. You may even have questions about the organisation; here is where you find the answers.

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