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Business Enterprise Centre Australia is an organisation that provides information about starting, running, managing, and any other thing that is related to business. BECA is a non-profit organisation that is committed to providing support for Businesses in Australia. We grow and support the network of Business Enterprise Centres all over Australia and provide representation for our members with key stakeholders in government and industry. If you are planning to start a business in Australia, it is necessary to be familiar with all the information, especially related to registration, reporting taxes, and all. At BECA, we provide all the details you need to start a business. Information is provided in the simplest format and without all the unnecessary financial and technical jargon involved. We believe that having this information beforehand will guide your decision making and ensure that you start your business on the right footing. This organisation aims to establish a network of Business Enterprise Centres all over Australia that would be recognised by small business owners and operators as their first point of contact for quality business advice, guidance, and information.


BECA exists to grow and support the national network of Business Centres. It seeks to achieve this by;

Promoting the network of BECs in Australia

Forming Alliances with different organisations and stakeholders

Improving the professional standards of this business enterprise centres in Australia

Communicating and Interacting with members of the organisation


The goals of Business Enterprise Centres in Australia are as follows.
Liaison with Decision-makers
The organisation engages stakeholders in the private sector, government, and other industry associations on issues that concern small businesses. We do this in different ways, including participating in several national small business forums that are relevant.
Spreading Information
We also disseminate information about several issues that affect businesses both at the local and national level. Coupled with this is that we provide commentary on such business issues to the stakeholders, our members, and the general public.
Attracting Funding
We seek funding from supporters and stakeholders, which we use to facilitate our works throughout Australia. There are individuals and organisations that partner with us, providing us with donations and support in one way or the other. You too can become part of our sponsors by donating to us.
Ensure compliance with standards
BECA operates by the highest standards, and we ensure that our members operate by these standards in all that they do. This is necessary to maintain the pristine reputation of the organisation.
Continuous Improvement of the standards
We don’t just ensure compliance with the current standards; we are always looking for ways to improve the professional standards for our staff and members.
Building the BEC Brand
BECA is responsible for building the Business Enterprise Centres brand in Australia. Other objectives include; Encouraging organisations with similar goals to join the network Promoting BEC services and ensuring improved access to such services
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