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There are always questions about businesses and all that has to do with it. You may even have questions about the organisation; here is where you find the answers.

What are Business Enterprise Centres?

This is one of the most common questions we get. Business Enterprise Centres are non-profit community-based organisations that assist businesses. The centres are incorporated and receive support from the local board of management. These centres are designed to encourage the creation, development, and sustainability of business enterprises and promote local economic development. BECS operates in partnership with private enterprises, local communities, and governments all over Australia
How do I know an organisation belongs to BECA?
We have listed all our members and associate members state by state under the “National Network”. In addition, only members of BEC Australia are authorised to use our logo.
Why should I choose to use a BEC Australia member?
BECs are part of their local business community, have local knowledge and many local contacts. In addition, BEC Australia has approximately 100 members around Australia. Within this network is a huge amount of specialist knowledge, including manufacturing, retailing, tourism, agricultural, and fashion sectors. If the expertise you need is not available in the BEC in your locality, members can call on other members for assistance and specialist advice. This is also extremely important when a business is looking for help to expand as BECs can call upon colleagues in target areas for regional specific information.
What sort of services do BECs provide?
BECs provide a variety of services, from business start-up advice and assistance to seminars, mentoring, skills training and business plan assistance. They also support by providing networking opportunities between businesses and giving information on grants and assistance that may be available to the business at that time. Most BECs have a regular newsletter they send to clients, keeping them up-to-date with all the news and information while also informing them of networking events happening in their local area. BECs also have several national, state, and local, sponsorships and alliances that benefit their clients.
How much does it cost to utilise a BEC's service?
Most BECs offer an initial interview at no or low cost (this largely depends on how the centre is funded). From that point, there are different pathways that can be taken, and this will affect the cost of services. Generally speaking, specialised areas will attract a fee – but the amount can vary and be directly linked to the action plan mapped out for the business which requests assistance.

What if there is no BEC in my local area?

Contact BEC Australia, and we will refer you to either your closest BEC or, for specific requests, to a subject matter expert for assistance with your query. It is a goal to expand the network over time, so all queries will be responded to, and locations noted so we know which areas we should target first.
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