Running a business

Running a business
If registering and starting a business is difficult, you only have to wait till you start running the business. Managing a business can be very complicated with different rules to follow, and you will need an expert to guide you on this. Running a business is all about fulfilling some obligations, and the structure of your business will usually determine how easy or complicated it will be. As a business owner, you have to make decisions on many things such as employment, taxes, complying with industry standards, meeting regulatory requirements, etc.


This is a decision that a business owner will have to make sooner or later. Even if you start alone, your business may soon expand to the point where you have to hire someone else. There are different laws guiding who you employ, the wages, the amount of time they work for, their vacation and other benefits, and lots more. These are things you have to know as a business owner.


There is a saying that only two things are sure in a man’s life – taxes and death. This goes to show how vital and mandatory taxes are and you as a business owner must make sure you pay all your taxes and if you have employees, that of your employees too. The Australian Tax Office is in charge of tax collection and the taxes you will pay as a business will be based on the structure of your business. It generally includes capital gains tax, goods and services tax, company tax, payroll tax, etc. you should also not forget the personal income tax of your employees. As a small business, you don’t have to overcomplicate your tax process as it will be simple enough for you to understand with some guidance which a Business Enterprise Centre can provide. However, you should make sure you stay updated with tax rules and make sure your finances are in order all the time. This is very important because failure to comply with tax rules usually comes with stiff penalties.

Business law

This is something else you need to know. Business laws are the laws which determine how business must be conducted. It is usually comprehensive, covering so many areas of your business. At times, the business laws might even be peculiar to your line of business. Such laws typically include competition laws which establish the framework to make sure that there is fair trade. There are also the consumer laws which stipulates consumer rights, and also provides laws on the safety of products as well as the interests of those using the product. Closely related to these laws are the rules and regulations of trade associations which you must ensure your business complies with as well.
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